Our Mission and Philosophy

At our Childcare Center we value the fact that every child is an individual human being with multiple personality facets that are important to learning and growth, and thus must be treated, taught, and cared for as such.  We strive to recognize each child’s strengths, weaknesses, and abilities so that they can develop and reach their full potential no matter what age or growth period they may be at.  It is a program dedicated to fulfilling appropriate academic needs, but at the same time never losing sight of the importance of social, emotional and physical needs as well.  While we will never lose sight of the importance of academia, we will also never stop focusing on helping children build character and learn what their place in this world might be.  We believe in the 4 R’s:  respect, resilience, responsibility and relationships and want to help guide each child to find their highest and healthiest form of each.  

This is a place where children are given confidence to do meaningful work, make healthy choices in all aspects of their lives, and where wonder, curiosity and creativity are stimulated and encouraged.  Their perspective should be broadened and positively invigorated through many outlets including (but not limited to!) reading, writing, artwork, manipulatives, outdoor education, social interactions, community involvement, math, science, world studies, environmental interests and preservation, nature immersion, teamwork, relationship skills, and character building.  

At Little Fox, we value community and family and firmly believe that we are all a part of the same team working for our children’s best interests every step of the way.  We understand how fast paced and overwhelming life can be, and we want to be a haven for comfort and peace, and never an addition to worry or stress.   We respect and value families for their bonds, traditions, schedules, free time, commitment to work, home and community and most importantly, their dreams for their children.  To serve the community and work together to bring the child what he/she needs and deserves so that he/she can strengthen their ability to succeed in today’s world as well as the future of our world, and generations to come is one of our main goals.  Our teachers are valued for their vision, individual strengths, delight in each and every child, skills, heart, and knowledge, commitment to children, community and families, and an ability to waiver between play and teaching without missing a beat.  They are also skilled and experienced with every type of child, or ready to meet each new child that will bring a different energy and persona to their lives.  We are developing a program that is involved in academics just as much as with nature and community, with an emphasis on the child’s process of self-discovery and growth.  We cherish what we learn and share with each other, and with the children, and they with us.  We acknowledge that everyone is a teacher, if even it is only of one’s self.  We are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment, but not one with out healthy and learning based discipline and assistance in navigating each child to the healthiest path of overcoming any difficulties they may have, whether it is with writing their name or how to communicate their needs in a safe, healthy way.  


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